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Luid Miguel Gonzalez

11 articles

Top 10 Pharmaceutical Companies 1997-2017

The list of the best pharmaceutical companies has evolved significantly over the last 20 years. In this analysis revenues were taken into consideration to rank...

Top 10 Pharma Companies for R&D 1997 – 2017

R&D spending of pharmaceutical companies is often taken into consideration to understand the potential of future pipeline development. The animation provides you with an overview...

Top 10 Oncology Drugs 1997 – 2017

Major pharmaceutical companies have invested immense resources into developing innovative treatments for cancer. Since 1997 the list of the best selling oncology drugs has evolved...

Top 10 Pharmaceutical Companies 2017: Anti-Virals

Widespread infections caused by viruses are commonly known as viral diseases. Common types of viral diseases include cold, influenza, chickenpox, HIV/AIDS, viral hepatitis, HPV,...
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