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    Grant Johnson

    No kidding. Marketing today is about the return you achieve. Responsory gets you RESULTS! Look at our ROI since 1999 as proof. Using a proprietary process we drive revenue for you. Being accountable and turning marketing into a revenue-generating discipline since 1987! It's all I do and all I have ever done. It's fun helping good people succeed and getting them to know that their marketing can become a revenue-generating line item. Using AI/ML since 2013 to hyper-target and deliver results using a multichannel marketing approach to make you more money. Took cost per sale from $1,400 to $44! *Pharma: 380% ROI * Introduced new compound and sold over 1 MILLION pounds on product launch * Took an insurance company into a new category and achieved 400% OVER goal * Fended off a new competitor spending $20 million and still increased market share * Incorporated cookie-less digital, increased click-through rates 178% * Successfully launched new hand tool category with proven Direct Branding process * ACA: Goal,10,000 NEW customers; JD Result: 27,000 * 8,000 new members in competitive East Coast Medicare space For results like these, get in touch today. Your marketing needs to create fat bottom lines. If you're searching for an internationally recognized speaker, executive creative director, thought leader, author, teacher, measurable marketing strategist and copywriter & team who employ multi/cross-channel strategies to drive real-world, quantifiable ROMI, reach out. Helping select clients realize measurable results, regionally, nationally & internationally since 1988. Results R US. Markets served: Pharmaceutical, Insurance, (Health, specialty and P&C) B2B, Associations, Medical and Technology, among others.