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Tommaso Salanitri

Medical Affairs and Stakeholder Engagement in an Evolving Healthcare Scenario

Due to unprecedented challenging situation and the current pandemic time, stakeholders needs are changing and these uncertain times are accelerating approaches already existing within Pharma industry, in an era of digital disruption, therefore, more than in the past, flexible mindset and agility are needed. In addition to stakeholders needs, also environmental trends and approach are changing and these include...

“Go-to-Market”: Medical Affairs, Strategies and Timings

“Go-to-Market” in Pharma is defined as a tactical action plan, that outlines the needed steps to succeed in a new market/therapeutic area. A “Go-to-Market” strategy generally has, as main objectives,...

Field Medical Affairs In Pharma/Biotech: Effectiveness, Opportunities and Challenges

  Medical Affairs has risen very fast in the last years, becoming after an initial phase of “supporting function”, a highly crucial “leading function”, representing a relevant pillar within Pharma/Biotech...

Medical Insights in Pharma Industry by Tommaso Salanitri

Gain an insight means obtain an accurate and deep understanding about some (complex) situation. Medical insights represent one of the most valuable information that Medical Affairs team can provide within Pharmaceutical...

Business Analysis in Pharma Industry: from Market Research to Patient Journey. A Medical Affairs view

by Tommaso Salanitri, MD Business analysis in Pharma industry, either during the early phases of drug development phase or close to the launch, represents a relevant preparatory part - especially...

Business Plan: a Medical Affairs perspective

A business plan is generally considered a process and specifically, a document, that summarizes the operational and financial objectives of a business - independently of the specific sector -...

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Tommaso Salanitri


2020 Call for Writers

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