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Time to Embrace Social Media Marketing | December 12 | NY 10:30 Am

  Unsurprisingly, patients and physicians are increasingly turning to social media to find information, make connections and communicate. But instead of running towards the discussion, pharma...

Medical Insights in Pharma Industry by Tommaso Salanitri

Gain an insight means obtain an accurate and deep understanding about some (complex) situation. Medical insights represent one of the most valuable information that Medical Affairs...

ON DEMAND WEBINAR: The evolving role of MSLs – insight from Amgen, Novartis and Pfizer

Dear Colleague 52% medical affairs experts believe that medical integrity is maintained in their organization – but is increasingly being influenced commercially. Of these 300+...
2020 Call for Writers

Are you looking to inspire others in the pharma industry through your writing? You’re invited to submit your articles to become a Featured Writer for The Pharmaceutical Marketing Group website.