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Podcast: Trends in The New Value-Based Reimbursement Model

A Quick Guide to the Most Important Insights in The New Value-Based Reimbursement Model

by Bob Gold, Founder GoMo Health.

About Bob Gold

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The “Trends in the New Value-Based Reimbursement Model” podcast is designed for people in the pharmaceutical and life science industry who wants to better understand and leverage the new value-based reimbursement and payment models.

In this exclusive podcast, Bob Gold, Clinical Behavioral Technologist and Founder of GoMo Health, discusses the five guiding principles for the pharmaceutical community to gain the three A’s of a new value-based model (access, activation and adoption).

About Bob Gold

Bob Gold is one of the world’s leading behavioral technologists with more than 20 years applied research and development in the behavioral and cognitive science of human engagement focused on motivation and persuasion; with a sub-specialty in digital health applications to human motivation, activation, and resiliency.

About GoMo Health: https://gomohealth.com/


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